11 Crystals That Open Your Third Eye Fast!

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Crystals and gemstones are beautiful, but they also can have healing properties. They also aid in meditation and spiritual healing and are used in many spiritual practices. This video from Spirilution shares the healing qualities of crystals and how they can help us balance our chakras. If you're not sure what chakras are, they are energy centres in your subtle energy body. There are seven of them, and they start at your tailbone all the way up to the top of your head and govern different energy centres in your body. One of the chakras in your chakra system is your third eye chakra which is the sixth chakra, and it's located between your eyebrows. It governs your spiritual senses and your intuition, and it's also linked to the inner vision you have while you're dreaming. Each of the chakras is related to a different colour as well, and the third eye chakra's colour is indigo in colour. Indigo is a deep blue that's almost deep violet as well. Just as each of the chakras corresponds to a colour, they also correspond to a crystal or a gemstone. So the third eye chakra has a number of crystals that it corresponds to. These crystals will help you to hone the spiritual abilities that are present with this chakra, and you can connect with your intuition better as well.

The first crystal that they mention in the video is Clear Quartz Crystal which is usually called the master healer. It's a crystal that can be used for pretty much any purpose which is why it gets this name. It can also amplify the energy of your other crystals and yourself too. When you're focusing on your third eye, clear quartz will help you send out your intentions to the universe so you can manifest your dreams. It amplifies your intentions like a megaphone. Wearing clear quartz will also protect you from negative influences and people. It's a really beautiful crystal to have in your collection, and it looks beautiful placed on a table or a window sill. The second crystal they mention that's perfect for the third eye is Lapis Lazuli which is a deep indigo blue just like the colour that corresponds to the third eye chakra. This gorgeous crystal opens your mind and helps you with spiritual healing and development. It's also a strong protector, and it can also help you remember your dreams. Labradorite is a very amazing stone, and just looking at it could help you with meditation and calming the mind. This crystal helps you awaken your psychic and intuitive senses while protecting you. It can also help you understand your purpose in life as well. Put a piece of labradorite on your third eye during meditation.

Amethyst is another wonderful crystal that helps you with spiritual healing and intuition. It's a great stone for relaxation which is perfect for bedtime before you fall asleep and drift off into dreamtime. You can even put a small amethyst crystal under your bed for a more peaceful and dream filled sleep. All of the crystals in the list will be wonderful to add to your crystal collection as they have so many other great healing properties. For the third eye just remember that any crystal that's the colour purple, indigo and violet should help you to awaken that chakra. For other chakras, check out which crystals would be best for them. Make sure you listen to the entire video to hear the rest of the crystals you can get to help you in your meditation practice or in day to day life.***

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