Crystal Combing: Is The Newest Method Of Self-Care All In Your Hair?

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Today, healing crystals are displayed in yoga studios and home, infused into beauty products, and crafted into jewelry pieces because of their healing energy. You will find healing crystals used by dedicated yogis to people who have never meditated before, with more and more people using healing crystals as part of their daily lives. Some people may think that the idea of healing crystals is nothing more than a trend, but there is more to these beautiful stones than meets the idea. If used properly healing crystals can completely shift your energy. So before you decide to rule out crystals as a way to heal the mind and body, you'll want to be open to giving them a try yourself. Healing crystals can be used to welcome more positive energy and spirituality into your life, along with being used for beauty and now for this new hair trend. On the Metro site, you will learn more about this beauty trend that uses healing crystals at a hair salon.

This new wellness trend using healing crystals for its salon treatments. The treatments are used by Andi Scarbrough, who is the founder of US hair salon CrownWorks, anyway. The personalized hair treatments range from 60-minute treatments to sessions that are four-hours long and include reiki scalp massages, discover sessions, oil treatments and a blow dry. Within this beauty, method is the use of healing crystal combs, with four main gemstones that are used. The healing crystals used include amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz and black obsidian. People come into the salon feeling, not their best or out of sorts, and the salon helps to transform both their hair and their mood. The four healing crystals represent a different part of life. The amethyst is a healing crystal that is often believed to be the stone of wisdom, with rose quartz being the stone of love used to help clear negativity, clear quartz is the stone of light, and the black obsidian healing crystal is the stone of transformation. Each healing crystal can help a person differently. Some of the positive effects of these healing crystals may help stress hormones, heart rate and blood pressure, that were noted after 15 minutes of the massage, meaning starting self-care from the head down and may have a beneficial effect on the rest of the body. The thing with healing crystals is that a lot of the benefits come from the comfort of the ritual.

When thinking about using healing crystals at homes such as rose quartz or clear quartz, you want to set your intention. This is the fun part of using healing crystals. You want to set your intention in line with the energy of the healing crystal. The power of crystals is in this simple ritual that resides in you. If you go into using healing crystals not believing anything will come of it, then nothing likely will. It is important to hold the healing crystal in your hands or to touch the crystal as if it's a larger stone. Sit quietly and breathe. Connect to your breath, the Earth, your faith, and the healing crystal that you are touching. For some this is a good time for prayer, for others, it might be a time to clear the mind and simply be. State the things that you want to manifest in your life. You can say this silently to yourself, but often speaking it aloud creates a more powerful energy.

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